BY INVITATION ONLY: Mafiaround: The Fight Against Italian Mafias beyond Italy

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Sharing practices and insights will be the primary goal, but rather than just listening to each other’s experiences and knowledge, the workshop will be organised around a number of thematic sessions including, but not limited to:

  • How to recognise and discuss Italian mafias inside and outside of Italy;
  • Policing criminal activities and affiliates of Italian mafias in Italy and in other countries;
  • Financial investigations on Italian mafias;
  • Prosecution of Italian mafia groups and affiliates;
  • Extra-judicial and extra-legal provisions against Italian mafias.

Participants will be requested to arrive prepared with (anonymised) case studies from real investigations; structured sets of questions on particular and problematic aspects of the fight against Italian mafia groups in their respective countries; existing manuals or guidelines on specific aspects of investigating ethnic/Italian organised crime (i.e. money trails or vote exchange/corruption). Deeds of confidentiality, should they be needed by institutions, will be drafted and signed by everyone present at the workshop. Chatham house rules will apply for most of the workshop. The workshop will also involve academics and pratitioners from the SHOC community.   

The workshop is sponsored by the Impact Acceleration Fund – Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) UK – with the support of the Italian Embassy, Attaché of the Fiscal Police Office and RUSI's Strategic Hub for Organised Crime Research (SHOC).

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