Artificial Intelligence, Prediction and Criminal Justice Decision-Making

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A half-day workshop was hosted at RUSI on 2 May 2018 exploring the uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithms for policing and criminal justice decision-making.

Advances in AI technology have enabled the development of sophisticated algorithmic tools underpinned by machine learning, which are used to support decision-making and risk assessment for policing and criminal justice purposes. While these capabilities have the potential to enhance various aspects of decision-making, they also present a number of complex ethical and legal considerations.

Bringing together policymakers and practitioners from across government, law enforcement and the criminal justice system, academic experts, legal experts and private sector representatives, the purpose of the event was to explore the issue of discretion and professional judgement within policing and the wider criminal justice system, and how new methods of data analysis might support or threaten this.

This event was co-organised with the Centre for Information Rights at the University of Winchester, and made possible with the generous support of PA Consulting.


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