[INVITE ONLY] The International Aspects of the UK CASD Debate

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A roundtable discussion on the international aspects of the UK CASD debate.
The UK has been laying the foundations for a new fleet of nuclear-armed submarines since 2007. However, until the final Main Gate decision is endorsed by the next Parliament in 2016, the future of the UK’s nuclear forces remain uncertain and debate will continue over both the desirable size and posture of this force.
The UK’s allies, as well as its adversaries, will pay close attention to this debate. Given the intrinsically close nuclear relationship between the US and the UK, any discussion on the status of a Continuous At Sea Deterrence posture is a matter of intense interest in Washington. This event with Franklin C. Miller KBE and Sir Nick Harvey MP will bring together a selection of distinguished parliamentarians and leading experts to discuss the international implications of the CASD debate.
This event will be chaired by RUSI's Chairman, Lord Hutton, and will consist of two presentations followed by a discussion amongst the participants. The discussions will be held off the record.

This event is by invitation only, if you would like to be considered for a place please contact Sophie Cordes at sophiec@rusi.org

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