BY INVITATION ONLY: NATO ACT Resilience Conference back-brief: The ‘So What?’ for UK Resilience?

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On 2-4 May, RUSI attended the NATO ACT Conference Interdependency in Resilience in Norfolk Virginia – home of NATO ACT and a Rockefeller 100 Resilient City. Our partner, Oakas Ltd were the main facilitators, consultants and content providers for the conference. They will also be crafting the follow-on reports on behalf of SACT for the NATO Secretary General and wider audience.

The conference aim was to improve understanding and visibility of what resilience means across three increasingly interconnected sectors: civil, military and private. It identified four key themes which need to be further addressed:

  1. Building persistence in resilience
  2. Considering resilience as a capacity
  3. Developing integrated education on resilience
  4. Expanding experimentation, modelling and training 

This workshop will provide a briefing on the NATO Conference and its outcomes from conference organisers Oakas, and present the paper produced from it for discussion by representatives of those three key sectors from the UK. Participants will be asked to consider how the resilience NATO identifies can be enacted within, and on behalf of, the UK. 

The outcome from this workshop will be presented at the forthcoming RUSI Resilience Conference 2017, held in partnership with Loughborough University, on 20-21 September.

The workshop will be from 1400-1700.

This event is by invitation only to RUSI Platinum and Major Corporate Members. For more information please contact Jennifer Cole at

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