BY INVITATION ONLY: Foresight analysis, horizon scanning and US national security reform

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In a briefing session organised by RUSI and the School of International Futures, Professor Sheila Ronis will discuss the impact that foresight analysis and horizon scanning have had on US government policy, based on her Vision Working Group’s project on National Security Reform.

Foresight analysis and horizon scanning are increasingly recognised as essential methodologies for strategic planning and decision-making. The Chilcott Report underscored their importance, and USIP’s Fragility Study Group recently emphasised their value in a report requested by the US National Security Council.

Speaker Biography:

Professor Ronis is Chair and Professor at the Department of Management, and Director of the Center for Complex and Strategic Decisions, Walsh College in Troy, Michigan. She currently is serving as Chairman of the National Defense University Foundation Board of Directors. In 2013, she was awarded the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Outstanding Public Service Award.

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