Intelligence and the Sociology of Terrorism..

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Intelligence and the Sociology of Terrorism

A joint venture between RUSI and St. Anthony's College, Oxford.

8-9th December 2006

St. Antony's College, Oxford.

This two-day event, to be held at St Antony's College, forms part of a joint Research Programme run by the Pluscarden Programme of St Antony's and the Homeland Security & Resilience Department of RUSI. The programme was launched at the start of Academic Year 06/07 and also includes a series of individual lectures and a prize essay competition.

The aims of the workshop are as follows:

To present the current situation regarding intelligence and counter-terrorism in UK.

To discuss issues facing Islamic society in UK, and aspects of immigration and asylum policy.

To examine the vulnerability of the education system in UK to exploitation.

To explore connections between extremism and criminality.

To consider the role and actions of the UK government and its agencies in dealing with extremism.

The workshop has  been planned to include the widest possible spread of practical and academic expertise. Speakers have been chosen who are able to present professional opinions or intellectual studies from their own practical experience or field of research.

The timetable has been constructed so that delegates have maximum opportunity to intervene with questions or observations. 50% of each session will be devoted to Q&A from the floor. The lunch period on each day is deliberately set at 1 ½  hours to allow the opportunity for networking. The dinner on Friday evening will be an extended engagement.

Extremism in present-day UK society presents us all with difficult choices. Delegates to the workshop will gain insight into the most vital elements of today's most taxing problem; they will be better equipped thereafter to make wiser choices in whatever field of responsibility.

Speakers include:

Sir Colin McColl (Former Head, SIS)

DAC Peter Clarke (Head, SO15, Metropolitan Police)

Sheikh Musa Admani (Imam, London Metropolitan University)

Roger Hardy (Islamic Affairs Analyst, BBC)

Professor Anthony Glees (Director Brunel Centre for Intelligence & Security Studies)

Robert Whalley CB MA (Formerly UK Home Office)

Dr Tariq Ramadan (St Antony’s)

To discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact Suraj Lakhani on +44 207 747 2629 or

If you would like to register please email Lisa Muxworthy or call +44 207 747 2619

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