The Indian Mutiny by Julian Spilsbury

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The Indian MutinyIn an event to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Indian Uprising of 1857, RUSI are delighted to announce that Julian Spilsbury will lecture at the Institute on Friday 18 May.

Published to mark the 150th anniversary of the Indian Mutiny, Julian Spilsbury’s latest book is an epic story with surprising modern parallels. Fomer army officer-turned-TV scriptwriter, Julian Spilsbury takes us back to the desperate summer of 1857 when thousands of Indian soldiers mutinied. They murdered their officers, hunted down the women and children and burned and slaughtered their way to Delhi. The tiny British garrison at Lucknow held out against all odds; the one at Cawnpore surrendered only to be betrayed and massacred. Modern Indian accounts call this 'the first war of liberation', but as Julian Spilsbury reveals, 80 per cent of the so-called 'British' forces were from the sub-continent. Sikhs, Gurkhas and Afghans fought alongside small numbers of British soldiers. Together, they faced terrible odds and won. In the process they created a new army that would play a vital role in the Allied forces in both World Wars.

SpilsburyJulian Spilsbury is the military obituarist for the Daily Telegraph and a
script writer for The Bill, Taggart  and Casualty. He is the author of
several thrillers including Night of the Bear and Vision of the Hunter. .

A £6 sandwich lunch will be available from 1215.

If you would like to attend this event please contact Helen Wood, Event Manager, RUSI: or +44(0) 20 7747 2643

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