Inaugural Lecture - Strategy and Fortune: British Security Policy in Transition

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Professor Michael Clarke

Inaugural Lecture by Professor Michael Clarke, Director of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies.

This lecture will analyze the themes underlying a decade of Labour's security policy and the vacillating perceptions of its success and failure. For better or worse, Tony Blair changed some of the basics of British security policy and challenged his successors to decide whether Britain was ready to step up to the challenges as he saw them. The present Government has put a lot into analyzing the challenges afresh, but has yet to indicate whether new orientations in policy will be needed. The lecture will suggest some of the directions that security policy might take.

This lecture is based on the contributions Professor Clarke has made in two books:

David Held and David Mepham (eds), Progressive Foreign Policy, London, Polity Press for the Institute for Public Policy Research (2007);

Anthony Seldon (ed.) Blair's Britain 1997-2007, Cambridge University Press, (forthcoming, September 2007).

Professor Clarke took up his appointment as Director of RUSI on 3 September.

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