Implications from the US “Pivot” to Asia and the Pacific: A Baltic View

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The US "pivot" to Asia has generated a great deal of public debate among policy-makers in EuropeDr Artis Pabriks. One favourite interpretation is that the move is merely a manifestation of Europe's relative strategic decline, and of America's alleged fading interest in the "old continent". But there is another interpretation which views this development as both natural and timely, and refutes the idea that it represents a danger to NATO or to broader trans-Atlantic links.

Dr Artis Pabriks, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Latvia, is the first senior European politician to address the Institute specifically on this topic; in the months to come, RUSI intends to invite other senior European politicians and security officials to address this very important issue.

Dr Pabriks graduated from the University of Latvia, and continued his doctoral studies in political science in Denmark; he is an expert in political theory, and has authored many scholarly publications on ethnic relations and multiculturalism, as well as on security policies, before entering politics, where he had an equally distinguished career.  Dr Pabriks served as Latvia's Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2004 and 2007, and was appointed to his current position as Defence Minister in November 2010. In parallel to this, he also continues some of his academic pursuits.

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