HSRD Workshop: Terrorism in the UK

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Terrorism has become one of the largest threats to international peace and stability. The government is addressing the problem of terrorist activity and its roots within communities in the UK today, in terms of poverty, racism, and social exclusion; but the religious element gives it a complex element.  The terrorism we face today is global in reach and virtual through the use of global networks for communications and the Internet to disseminate propaganda.
This workshop will analyse the recruitment strategies behind terrorist groups including the psychological bases of their radicalisation, the use of information technology by terrorists for recruiting and propaganda and the use of charities within the UK for the funding of terrorist activity.
This HSR workshop will explore what drives terrorism within the UK, how terrorists are recruited internally and the methods used to spread extremism.  The event will clarify and increase understanding of these issues by providing a privileged forum within which issues can be raised and reach a consensus for a way forward.

Booking facilities will be available on this page shortly. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact Helen Wood, HSR coordinator, at helenw@rusi.org or on +44 (0) 20 747 2627. 

HSR generic imageThis is a follow-up workshop to the 2006 Politics & Terrorism Conference.

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