HSR Workshop: Simulation & Training for Emergency Response & Resilience

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“This is probably the largest national disaster in the history of the US and the coordination that should be in effect all these days after the event just isn’t happening. It’s lack of proper planning and lack of coordination. There are plenty of Indians, but no chiefs.”

Sheriff Harry Lee, Jefferson Parish, New Orleans.

“There is absolutely nobody in control”

CNN Reporter, New Orleans.

This week New Orleans is experiencing a devastating and complex disaster which has been brought about not only Hurricane Katrina but also by fatal flaws and gaps in Louisiana’s hurricane rescue plan. There is tension between the numerous agencies involved with the relief effort together with a lack of effective communications at all levels. This has resulted in a sense of hopelessness in those stricken by the disaster which in turn has led to the rapid spiral into lawlessness that is currently hampering the relief effort.

There can not be a better example for the need for a comprehensive and integrated training and simulation capability for emergency response at all levels.

The UK Government has acknowledged the need for effective strategic control of complex disasters and delegates at this workshop will hear directly from the Head of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat about the government strategy for emergency training together with the steps currently being put in place to acquire a training and assessment capability for Gold Command – the level so badly missing in New Orleans. Delegates will also hear from representatives of the Critical National Infrastructure and the Private Sector about their training and simulation needs: the available simulation and training options; how to select the best option for their particular requirements; and experience first-hand the benefits of their use within the emergency response and resilience arena.

This is a RUSI Homeland Security & Resilience Department Workshop, and one in a series of events designed to provide integration and coherence for the new security environment.

Speakers Include:

  • Mr Bruce Mann, Head of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Cabinet Office.
  • Mr Jeff Alexander, Exercise Manager, US State of Florida
  • Mr Tony Moore, The Department of Defence Management & Security Analysis, The Resilience Centre, The Royal Military College of Science, Cranfield University

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