HSR Workshop: London Bombings

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0845 - 1700

The two terrorist attacks of July 2005 marked the realization of a serious and substantial terrorist threat to the UK.  Rooted to a large extent inside our own community, it is a threat that combines ideological fervour with common criminality.

Now under unprecedented scrutiny, the UK's counter-terrorism policy and international partnerships are being substantially reviewed, with additional spending on the police, a global suspect database and legislation covering offences of preparing, training for and inciting terror acts being proposed.

This RUSI HSR one-day workshop will analyse and enable discussion of the current threat and the demands placed on the emergency services and other key actors including the media and voluntary sector.  It will also attend to the consequences - immediate and long-term - of the events of July 2005, including the effects of proposed legislation on civil liberties and the consequences of the London bombings for the UK's tourist industry.

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