How do Social Media Operators See Change in the MENA?

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Elizabeth Linder, Politics and Government Specialist for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, Facebook will present on whether ‘Facebook’ and Social Media are indeed brokers of change.

As one of Social Media’s leading advisors, Elizabeth will address what can Social Media Operators tell us about attitudes in the MENA? Can Social Media operators help make mutually acceptable cultural change and economic development? How can Social Media and its operators help generate peaceful change and transition?

Elizabeth Linder advises political representatives, government agencies, public administrations, and Think Tanks across the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions on the intersection of Facebook and twenty-first century governance. Working closely with her constituents to better understand Facebook's technology, identify how Facebook fits in to the global demand for more transparency and openness in the public sector, and examine societal trends that profoundly influence the ways in which the public interacts with its leaders. A California native, Elizabeth joined Facebook in 2008 and her constituents have included heads-of-state, ambassadors and embassy representatives, members of parliament, royal households, think tanks specializing in global governance, city mayors, national police forces, and e-governance units. Prior to Facebook Elizabeth specialized in US politics and education at YouTube as part of Google's Global Communications and Public Affairs team.

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ENTRANCE AND SECURITY: As visitors for the meeting you will need to present a copy of this email at the Visitors (St Stephen's) Entrance of the House of Commons and pass through security to be directed to Committee Room 6.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Defence and Diplomacy in the Middle East and North Africa was established in 2012. Its purpose is to examine current and future diplomatic responses, defence needs and actions across the MENA and near neighbours, with the Royal United Services Institute’s assistance bringing strategic vision from expert and internationally significant interlocutors into Parliament to inform debate. Members of RUSI, by kind invitation of the APPG Chair Dai Havard MP, are invited to attend the programme of meetings throughout the parliamentary year.

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