Gallipoli Memorial Lecture 2005: Whither Defence? – A Personal View

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Air Chief Marshal Sir Anthony Bagnall, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff

1300 – 1400 (Sandwich Lunch from 1215)

This year’s Gallipoli Memorial Lecture will cover the changing face of the world and of defence, in particular during Sir Anthony’s 41 years in the Royal Air Force and 4½ years as the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Anthony Bagnall joined the Royal Air Force as a Cranwell Cadet in 1964, and after graduating as a pilot, he completed several tours flying Lightning aircraft; first, as a squadron pilot, then as a weapons instructor, and later, on promotion to squadron leader in 1975, as a flight commander. He attended the Royal Air Force Staff College Bracknell in 1978 and subsequently served on the air defence staff at the Ministry of Defence.

Promoted to wing commander in 1980, he completed a tour as Wing Commander Air Defence at Headquarters Strike Command. In 1983, he returned to the front line when he assumed command of No 43 Squadron equipped with the Phantom FG1 aircraft.  Thereafter, he completed a short tour in command of No 23 Squadron in the Falkland Islands before moving, on promotion to group captain, to the Ministry of Defence to become the Director of Air Staff Briefing and Co-ordination.

In December 1987, he returned to flying duties when he became the Station Commander of Royal Air Force Leuchars which, at that time, operated 2 squadrons of Phantom aircraft and the Phantom Operational Conversion Unit. He attended the Royal College of Defence Studies in 1990 before returning to the Ministry of Defence in 1991 as the Director of Air Force Staff Duties. Air Chief Marshal Bagnall became Assistant Chief of the Air Staff in 1992. Subsequently, he filled the post of Air Officer Commanding No 11 Group from July 1994 until April 1996. Between June 1996 and August 1998, he served as Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Central Europe before being appointed Air Member for Personnel and Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Personnel and Training Command. He assumed the post of Commander-in-Chief Strike Command in April 2000 before moving to his current appointment as Vice Chief of Defence Staff in May 2001.

The Gallipoli Memorial Lecture was until 2001 held annually at Eltham Church in south-east London. Subsequently, the Gallipoli Memorial Lecture Trust asked if RUSI would carry on the tradition of an annual lecture. Lectures have since been delivered on the great issues of present day defence and security.

A fee of £6 is payable for the sandwich lunch.

If you would like to take part please contact:

Mamoona Shah
Event Manager
Tel: +44 (020) 7747 2648

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