Failing Intelligence: How We Were Led to War in Iraq

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Dr Brian JonesA lecture by Dr Brian Jones, former Head of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Section, Defence Intelligence Staff, UK.

In his lecture, Dr Jones discussed how and why Tony Blair and George W Bush, using distorted and exaggerated intelligence, persuaded their legislatures and their electorates that Iraq had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and was therefore a threat. He  examined the evidence of the various inquiries, including the most recent Chilcot Inquiry, and compared it to the reality that he knew. He described how, throughout these inquiries, confusion and cover up has concealed culpability, leading to the re-election of the Blair and Bush governments. Dr Jones pulled together the lessons that should have been learned in relation not only to the particular example of Iraq, but also with regard to the broader international issues of security and governance. 

Dr Brian Jones, now retired, worked in the scientific and technical directorate of the UK Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) where he was responsible for the analysis of all-source intelligence on nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. As the most senior British intelligence expert on weapons of mass destruction, he had a ringside seat throughout the production of the British government's 'dodgy dossiers' and the subsequent tragic demise of Dr David Kelly. He is the first senior British intelligence official to publish his own account of what happened.

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