Europe's Energy Challenge: Securing Supply

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Energy Security

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For some European countries significant reliance on external sources of energy has long been a reality, while for others it is a new, but near-term prospect. As the landscape of energy supply changes so is global demand growing. The continued emergence of China and India as major economic powers will be the principal factor in an expected rise in global energy demand of almost 60% over the next 20 years, creating increased competition among consumers.

This conference addressed the full range of issues associated with European energy security and examined the relationship between political and strategic considerations and effective market operation. The event focused on developing coordinated, multidisciplinary responses to the challenges of energy security, that incorporate the capabilities and thinking of the armed forces and defence industry, and it showcased governments’ and EU thinking on the way forward.

Core themes:

  • Defence & Energy Supply
  • The EU Dimension
  • Diversifying the Geographical Sources of Energy Supply
  • The Energy Mix

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