European Security Dialogue - Dutch Forces: Transforming the Afghan Paradigm

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berlijn.jpgIn the inaugural session of the RUSI European Security Dialogue, Chief of Defence of the Netherlands General D. L. Berlijn will introduce the subject of ‘Dutch Forces: Transforming the Afghan Paradigm’, followed by an opportunity for Q & A. The dialogue will take place at the Institute on Monday 5 February.

Dutch forces have made a major contribution to the ISAF mission in Afghanistan and the CDS will provide an update on operational developments. In this context, he will also address the broader transformation of the Dutch armed forces and the ongoing development of the Netherlands’ defence strategy.

After beginning his military career in 1969 General Berlijn was appointed Commander of the Tactical Air Force in November 1998. He became Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Netherlands Air Force in March 2000 and was promoted to General in June 2004 when he took over as Chief of the Defence Staff. Due to General Berlijn’s tight schedule, please be advised that the dialogue must begin promptly at 1415.

The European Security Dialogue has been established as a forum for the debate and discussion of key security issues affecting the continent and will involve prominent figures in European security, including government officials and senior officers from across Europe, as well as EU representatives. It will take place throughout 2007. 

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