Does the World Really Hate America? Global Perception of the US and its Effect on Foreign Affairs

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RUSImotifA panel discussion with:

Dame Pauline Neville Jones, Shadow Security Minister

Michael Macy, Cultural Attaché, US Embassy London

Professor Rob Singh, Birkbeck College, University of London

Zaki Chehab, Bureau Chief, Al Hayat – LBC TV

Six years ago the world declared its solidarity with the United States in the wake of the most devastating attack against America since the surprise bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941. Much of the world was united in disgust and grief at the events of that tragic day. But now the situation is markedly different. The United States is unpopular around the world. Even in Europe polls consistently show that most Europeans do not believe that the US acts in the best interests of international peace and security. Indeed, many feel that the United States is the greatest threat to world peace – even more so that states such as Iran and North Korea. But recent elections in Europe have provided better relations between many European capitols in Washington, despite that fact that many electorates still harbour significant doubts about the legitimacy of many facets of US foreign policy. Views of America in the Middle East and Asia are even more hostile and show little signs of change.

To understand the phenomenon of anti-Americanism in Europe and Beyond and its relevance to international politics RUSI is pleased to announce that the Autumn 2007 Transatlantic Forum Series will examine “Rhetoric and Reality: Anti-Americanism and Global Perceptions of the United States”

Our first event will be on 11 September 2007 and will feature Dame Pauline Neville Jones, Michael Macy and Professor Rob Singh.


1200-1230  Sandwich Lunch for Institute Members
1230-1400  Panel Discussion

If you would like to attend please complete the booking form and send it to Rachel Bowden at or fax it to +44 (0)207 747 2625. 

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

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