Developing the Kosovo Security Force as a Contributor to Stability

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Agim ÇekuA lecture by His Excellency Mr Agim Çeku, Minister for the Kosovo Security Force (KSF).

Kosovo, after the declaration of independence on the 17 February 2008, established new institutions, including the Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force and Kosovo Security Force. The Kosovo Security Force is a new, professional, multiethnic force, lightly armed and uniformed under civilian-democratic control. As a new force, the KSF is in a process of being built as a professional, apolitical, competent, dynamic, disciplined and multiethnic force able to contribute to stability in the region. Developing the KSF into such a force is a challenge in itself, but a challenge worth taking. In his lecture, Minister Çeku will discuss in detail the process of establishing the KSF, the processes which the KSF has undergone to date and the efforts of establishing and developing the KSF as a respected force and member of the NATO alliance which is able to contribute, support and maintain peace in the region.

His Excellency Mr Agim Çeku was appointed as the Minister for the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) on 24 February 2011. From 2006 to 2008 he was Prime Minister of Kosovo. As Prime Minister he participated in negotiations on Kosovo's status and developed intensive diplomatic activity; meanwhile, he also represented the country in many significant international conferences and forums. Under his direction, Kosovo became ready for the declaration of its independence. Minister Çeku had a successful military career and was a contributor to the liberation wars in Kosovo and Croatia. In February 1999 he was released from the Croatian Army to join the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). In April of that year, he was appointed Chief of General Staff of the KLA, and later he successfully transformed the KLA into the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC). In September 1999, he was appointed Commander of the KPC. After the war, Minister Çeku was awarded the Order of Adem Jashari for his contribution to the liberation of Kosovo. At the same time he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General, based on the decision issued by KFOR and UNMIK.

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