Cyber War Will Not Take Place

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A lecture by Dr Thomas Rid PhD, Reader in War Studies, King's College London.Cyber War Will Not Take Place

'Cyber war is coming', announced a landmark RAND report in 1993. In 2005, the US Air Force boasted it would now fly, fight and win in cyberspace, the 'fifth domain' of warfare. In his lecture, Dr Rid will take stock, twenty years on, and consider if cyber war is coming and if warfare has entered the fifth domain. He will take a fresh look at computer security and focus on winning the real challenge of cyberspace: non-violent confrontation that may rival or even replace violence in surprising ways. 

Dr Thomas Rid PhD is Reader in War Studies at King's College London. From 2003 to 2011, he worked at leading think tanks and universities in Berlin, Paris, Washington and Jerusalem, including the RAND Corporation and Johns Hopkins University. He has published four books and numerous scholarly articles on international security and new technologies.

Dr Rid will be on hand to sign copies of his latest book, 'Cyber War Will Not Take Place' (Hurst/Oxford University Press: April 2013), which will be on sale.

An optional £10 sandwich lunch shall be available from 1215.

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