Contractor Support to Operations Market Dynamics - Challenges and Opportunities for Public and Private CSO Stakeholders

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CHRIS STEIRNA presentation by Major General (Retired) Chris Steirn CBE (Business Development Director, International Government, Defence & Support Services, KBR) and Dr Henrik Heidenkamp (Research Fellow, Defence, Industries and Society Programme, RUSI).

Contractor support to operations (CSO) has become an essential component of the ability to both deploy and sustain the UK's military instrument. Contractors provide non-offensive, in-theatre commercial services for deployed UK operations in the fields of equipment support, people support, and static and mobile protection/guarding. The UK Government's intention to run down its military presence in Afghanistan by 2015 presents today's CSO contractors with a strategic challenge: how can they survive the collapse in that element of demand for their services? For the UK Government, there is the issue of which contractors and services can be relied on to be around in the event of an operation in the future. Both the commercial viability and the security of supply in the CSO market are the core issues at hand. Public and private CSO stakeholders have an intrinsic need for an in-depth understanding of the future dynamics of the CSO market, which are the cornerstones of their professional environments and a crucial determinant of the UK's defence effort.

Major General (Retired) Chris Steirn CBE will address the key current and future challenges and opportunities for companies conducting business in the CSO market in the UK and beyond.

Chris served in the British Army for 36 years, seeing service in UK, Germany, Middle and Far East. Operational service included Northern Ireland, extensive command experience at four levels across the two Balkans' theatres and the Middle East. A specialist in transport and logistics, he has experience in running outsourced support at divisional level. He was responsible for designing the Army's movements and sustainment plan during the early stages of the Iraq War and subsequently ran the Defence Transport and Movements Agency / Defence Supply Chain & Operation Movements Directorate (DSCOM) for three busy years of operational deployments; finally completing his service by leading the Kosovo Protection Corps through their process of change. After his retirement, five years ago, he joint KBR as Business Development Director for its International Government, Defence & Support Services to assist with the development of their expeditionary campaign support, battlefield and barrack infrastructure business.

Dr Henrik Heidenkamp will outline some of the key findings of his recent Whitehall Report on CSO Market Dynamics and their implications for CSO market actors.Henrik Heidenkamp 2

Prior to joining RUSI, Henrik worked as a post-doctoral fellow for Queen's University's Centre for International Relations (QCIR) in Canada and as a research fellow for the Centre for Security, Armed Forces and Society at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). He conducted research on contemporary aspects of national security and international relations, maritime security and the impact of the global economic and financial crisis on security and defence policies. He also worked for the military policy branch of the German Ministry of Defence (BMVg) in Berlin. His key responsibilities included the drawing of strategic policy papers as well as speeches on various security and defence topics for the political and military leadership of the BMVg. His current research interests are the interdependencies between defence and security policies and wider industry, and the interaction pro­cesses between society, industry and policy decisions.

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception from 1930.

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