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RUSImotifThe crisis in Zimbabwe continues unabated, with the country’s simultaneous and interlocking economic, political and security crises edging the nation ever further into the unknown. As was  demonstrated at  the December 2007 EU – AU summit, Zimbabwe continues to dominate the  discourse on Africa, and attracts strong opinions, both for and against the government of President Robert Mugabe.  The period from late 2007, into 2008, and looking forward to 2010, will be pivotal, not just for Zimbabwe, but also for the southern African sub – region; and potentially, for Africa as a whole. The recently concluded December  2007 Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front  [ZANU –PF] Congress will be followed by the 2008 Parliamentary and Presidential elections in Zimbabwe; the South African government and the Southern African Development Community [SADC]  are also brokering  internal talks between the government and the opposition ahead of the elections. Within South Africa itself, the ANC leadership elections are of great interest, and could impact upon the Zimbabwe – South Africa dynamic. With national elections scheduled throughout the region between 2008 – 2010, and with South Africa hosting the World Cup in 2010, Zimbabwe continues to be the focal point, with the emphasis being on resolving the crisis.

The RUSI Africa Programme is pleased to announce a major one day conference on “Zimbabwe: Crisis, Reconstruction and Security”. The conference  will bring together policy – makers, analysts, and security sector professionals from Zimbabwe and elsewhere for a comprehensive discussion of some of the key issues facing the nation in 2008, and beyond. The different panels use a wide lens and will include state and non – state presenters, to capture the different viewpoints which Zimbabweans and the wider community have on the country’s future. The regional and international dimensions of the Zimbabwe question will also be discussed. 

This Conference has been made possible with the generous assistance of the Johannesburg – based Brenthurst Foundation. We would also like to acknowledge the input of the Africa Research Institute (London).

Confirmed speakers include:

  • RT Hon Lord P. Blaker KCMG PC
  • Dr Martin Rupiya, ISS, Pretoria
  • Mr Brilliant Mhlanga, Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), University of Westminster 
  • Dr Charles Goredema, ISS, Pretoria
  • Dr Ibbo Mandaza , SAPES, Harare
  • Mark Ashurst, ARI, UK

Discussion Topics include:

  • The Security Sector in Zimbabwe
  • 2000 – 2010: Crisis and Scenarios
  • Reconstruction
  • Regional and Global Dimensions

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