Winning Without Victories? Navigating Indecisiveness in Endless Wars

RUSI and École de Guerre explore ways by which armed forces can overcome indecisiveness, and better prepare for the challenge of victory

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The challenge of how to achieve a decisive victory has never been more complicated for today’s armed forces. With a shortage of resources, sub-threshold conflicts, constantly changing defence policies and multiple threats all parts of current trends, the current strategic environment is a constant challenge.

At this event, we discuss and explore ways by which armed forces can overcome indecisiveness, and better prepare for the challenge of victory.

RUSI and École de Guerre have collaborated for three years, aiming to answer the most critical questions facing militaries today. The partners work together to cultivate intellectual rigour when thinking about these issues. RUSI’s Military Sciences research group supports students around the world during their professional military education.

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    Welcome Address

    Given by General Vigilant (Director of Ecole de Guerre)

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    Introduction: Indecisiveness as the New Normal?

    Dr. Beatrice Heuser (University of Glasgow) and Mr. Rob Johnson (Oxford University)

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    Panel 1: 2035 challenges will bring crisis not decisively coped with

    Moderator: Captain Michael Kanaan (US Air Force/MIT)

    'More actors in a larger and unpredictable battlefield' – Ms. Alexandra Stickings (RUSI)

    'AI as a game changer or a fog generator?' – Dr. Peter Warren Singer (Brookings Institution)

    'Climate as a weapon' – Dr. Olaf Corry (Copenhagen University)

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    Panel 2: How to Live with Indecisiveness?

    Moderator: Prof. Peter Roberts (RUSI)

    'Coping with Indecisiveness in the Medical Field' – Mrs. Nita Chaudhuri (American University of Paris)

    'Keeping Threats Under the Threshold in Homeland Security' – General Hubert Bonneau (French gendarmerie)

    'Thriving in Indecisive Environments in the Business World' – Dr. Sara Ulrich (PA Consulting)

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    Panel 3: How to Be Better Prepared to Face Endless Wars?

    Moderator: Paul O’Neill (RUSI)

    'Leading and winning in the fog' – Admiral (Ret) William McRaven (US Navy)

    'The Universal Soldier' – Dr. Isaiah Wilson (JSOU)

    'Building resilience in our societies and among citizens' – Dr. Eugene B. Kogan (Harvard Business School)

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    Conclusion: Winning the Indecisive Wars?

    Prof. Peter Roberts (RUSI)

Moderators and Speakers

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