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Whilst commanding the UK’s Joint Forces Command, General Sir Richard Barrons spoke regularly and passionately about his concern that the UK and NATO was failing to adequately prepare for the nature of warfare in the Information Age. In particular he highlighted that both capability and thinking still reflected the context of the Industrial Age and that there was a need for a significant shift to counter those adversaries who had more successfully grasped the implications..

The conference aims to identify how Western militaries, in particular, need to change and adapt to meet these new challenges.

The programme will explore the following themes and topics:

  • The contemporary context of the Information Age and conflict
  • How is warfare changing in thinking and capability?
  • Applied Information Age warfare
  • The implications for NATO and Member States

A range of both academics and practitioners are planned to participate with the outputs being captured in a Conference paper.

There is a 25% discount offered when registering for both the Warfare in the Information Age and Conflict and the Information Environment Conflict conferences. Click here to register for both conferences.

Price for Warfare in the Information Age conference only (+VAT):

  • Standard £100
  • Government £80
  • Academic £80
  • Corporate £80

Price for both conferences (+VAT):

  • Standard £150
  • Government £120
  • Academic £120
  • Corporate £120

Click here to read 'Warfare in the Information Age: Time for a Change?' by Ewan Lawson, Senior Research Fellow, Military Influence, RUSI.

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