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Virtual worlds, simulation technology and modelling software can recreate major disasters and emergencies from severe flooding and earthquakes, to large-scale terrorist attacks and CBRN dispersal events. How are emergency planners and responders using this technology to plan for such events, to train to respond to them, and to understand how actual incidents might have been approached differently?

This one day conference will include presentations and technology demonstrations from software developers, end-users of both the technology and the training it can provide, government departments including the Department of Health, the Met Office and DSTL and government training colleges including the Emergency Planning College and the Defence Academy College.

Discussions will focus on current and future use of virtual worlds and simulation technology. As budgets are tightened, and less money is made available for live exercising, will technology increasingly be expected to fill the gap and, if so, how can this best be achieved?

Confirmed contributors:-

  • Ken Lawson,
    Training Director, Emergency Planning College
  • Mick Heys,
    Ambulance Service HART ITU and Simulation Lead
  • Rod Stafford,
    Lead Planner, Exercise Watermark Management Team
  • Col Peter Mahoney,
    Defence Professor Anaesthesia, Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Daniel Pope,
    Capabilities Leader, Structural Dynamics, DSTL
  • Mary Matthews,
    Business Development Director, TRuSim, Blitz Games Studios
  • Dr Peter Trim,
    Department of Management, School of Business, Economics and Information, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Major Tim Mouat,
    SO2 DS Modelling Simulation, Technical Division, Defence Academy College
  • Danny Slay,
    Technical Officer, Fire and Rescue National Resilience Assurance Team
  • Paul Davies,
    Chief Hydrometeorologist for the Environment Agency and Met Office
  • Professor Marko Bulmer,
    Research Associate Professor, Director, Geospatial Flow Observatory, Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology University of Maryland Baltimore County

Session Outlines:-

Modelling and simulation vs live exercises: where can simulation add value and when do we have to play 'for real'?

This session will explain how simulations, virtual environments and modelling technology can be used to exercise for real events, be that a terrorist attack, a crowd evacuation, a flood or any other emergency situation. Where does simulation add value, how does it add value and where can experience only be gained through live exercising? What improvements or modifications to existing technology would improve the ability to exercise using simulations, virtual reality and modelling?

Speakers will discuss how they are using simulation technology at presents and how they would like to use it in 5-10 years. Where can technology developers help them? How can technology developers improve on what is currently being used?

Use of simulation for the prediction and evolution of events

This session will demonstrate how existing simulation and modelling software adds value to training and exercising - either because the exercise takes place completely in the virtual/simulated environment, or because the technology can be used to provide exercise injects into a live or tabletop exercise (i.e. flood inundation maps; numbers of expected casualties in an earthquake/landslide).

Latest developments in technology - update from industry, academia and the gaming industry

This session will provide an opportunity for technology providers, academia and the gaming industry to showcase and discuss the capability and potential of technologies in this area.

Academic perspectives on virtual worlds

This session will take an academic look at the psychology of virtual training environments and ask how pressure, stress and fear can be simulated in an exercise environment.


Interested parties from Academia who like to exhibit in the poster sessions should contact George Loukas for details.  George Loukas, LTN,

For sponsorship opportunities please contact Jennifer Cole, Head of Emergency Management on  / +44 (0)20 7747 4958

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