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Stockline V.1Scotland is confronted by an increasing array of threats and challenges ranging from UK wide emergencies to specific and localised disasters. An appropriate and effective response requires coordinated, integrated and coherent management across all sectors of society and government from the national to the local. This conference, with contributions from across the public and private sector, provides the opportunity to analyse the reality of Scotland’s resilience landscape.

Key Conference Issues:

What is the relationship between the local, regional and national emergency planning responses and how well is Scotland integrated with the efforts of the rest of the UK?

What are the threats that Scotland faces and what measures are being taken to counter them?

How is the Fire and Civil Contingencies Division of the Scottish Executive Justice Department performing in relation to its responsibilities to support Category 1 Responders' duties as specified in the CCA?

How mature is the essential resilience relationship between the private and public sectors?

How resilient are Scotland's businesses in terms of business continuity, crisis management and information assurance, and how well developed is the concept of resilience in Scotland's corporate world?

Speakers Include:

Bruce Mann, Head of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Cabinet Office

Ian Walford, Head of the Fire and Civil Contingencies Unit, Justice Department, Scottish Executive

Ian Jordan, Fire and Civil Contingencies Unit, Justice Department, Scottish Executive and author of "Preparing Scotlan

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