UK PONI 2016 Annual Conference

Now in its sixth year, the UK Project on Nuclear Issues (UK PONI) Annual Conference is the premier national forum for the nuclear policy community to consider salient issues in the field and promote the emergence of a new generation of expertise in academia, industry, government, and the military.

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The 2016 Annual Conference gathered established and emerging experts from academia, industry, government and the military to share insights and debate a broad range of civil and military nuclear topics. The conference prioritises affording younger presenters the opportunity to showcase their own research and exchange ideas with prominent experts.

The conference agenda included panels comprised of submitted presentations, high-level keynote speakers, and a conference dinner.

Keynote speakers were:

Robert Davies, CEO, Areva UK

Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP, Chair, House of Commons Defence Committee

Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence

Brendan O'Hara MP, Defence Spokesperson, Scottish National Party

Jon Wolfsthal, Senior Director for Arms Control and Nonproliferation, U.S. National Security Council

In light of the forthcoming US Presidential election, the conference will consider the nuclear policies that will be inherited by the incumbent, by debating the motion ‘this House believes that the Obama administration’s nuclear agenda has failed’. Speaking in favour of the motion will be Professor Matthew Kroenig, Associate Professor at Georgetown University, and speaking against the motion will be Dr Matthew Harries, Research Fellow at the International Institute of Strategic Studies.

Programme agenda

Main Image Credit HMS Vigilant alongside Faslane Naval Base, Courtesy of MOD

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    Sponsors of the UK PONI 2016 Annual Conference

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