UK PONI 2015 Annual Conference

Now in its fifth year, the UK PONI Annual Conference has become the largest regular gathering of the nuclear policy community in the UK, and an important forum for encouraging the emergence of a new generation of nuclear experts in academia, industry, government and the military

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location61 Whitehall

This conference will bring together emerging and established experts from across the nuclear field, affording younger presenters the opportunity to showcase their research, and exposing established experts to innovative perspectives.

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

James Arbuthnot, Former Chair of the Defence Select Committee;
Professor Cherry Tweed, Chief Scientific Advisor for Radioactive Waste Management;
Sir John Scarlett, Former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, 2004-2009.

The conference will also feature three panels of submitted presentations from emerging nuclear specialists:

The Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 70 Years On;

Contemporary Challenges for UK Nuclear Policy; and,

Assessing and Addressing Global Nuclear Threats.

Other highlights include an interactive session on the use of open-source intelligence in support of non-proliferation, and a debate on the merits of Chinese involvement in the UK’s nuclear energy infrastructure plans.

Programme agenda

Main Image Credit HMS Vigilant alongside Faslane Naval Base, Courtesy of MOD

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UK PONI Annual Conference 2015 - Thomas Frear

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