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In geographical terms, the United Kingdom and Japan are a half-world apart. In their outlooks on the importance of a stable, rules-based international system and an open economic environment, however, very little separates them.

In a time of rising powers and multiplying challenges to the international order, like-minded nations in an interdependent world must work together to bring new players into the fold without giving up the system of values, customs and practices that underpins much of the world’s stability and prosperity.

Building on RUSI’s successful partnership with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Tokyo last year, Co-operation in New Security Challenges will explore how the UK and Japan can work together to tackle the complex issues that matter to their governments and publics. Drawing on an international array of academics, industry experts and senior government officials, this conference will explore the dynamics of the relationship, from each country’s national interests and strategic outlook to such areas of co-operation as cyber-security, intelligence-sharing and the defence industry. 

To access the current programme please click here.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • the UK’s security role in East Asia and the implications of Japan’s revamped global engagement strategy;
  • effective cyber-security policies in the face of evolving norms, threats and understanding;
  • the possibilities for improved bilateral intelligence-sharing and the key steps to be taken in that direction;
  • the challenge of building strong defence-industrial partnerships, both industry-to-government and between British and Japanese firms;
  • trilateral security co-operation, with the US and other regional partners.

The conference, which will take place at RUSI’s headquarters on Whitehall, is free to attend.

To register, please click the 'book here' button at the top of the page.

If you have any questions regarding this conference, please contact Ed Schwarck, Research Fellow, Asia Studies, 02077472614

Japan Conference Photo 2014

Left to right, participants in the 2013 RUSI-SPF conference, ‘Rejuvenating UK–Japan Defence Relations for the 21st Century’: Professor Michael Clarke, RUSI Director-General; David Bullas, then Asia-Pacific Team Leader, UK Trade & Investment; Keiichiro Iwasaki, Senior Vice-President, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Vice-Admiral Yoji Koda, 36th Commander-in-Chief of the Self-Defense Fleet; Admiral Dennis Blair, Former US Director of National Intelligence.


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