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Jointly organised by the Royal United Services Institute and the Institute for the Study of Indo-Pakistan Relations, University of Leicester.

The debate on the supposed inevitability of a ‘clash of civilizations’ between Islam and the West has gained added momentum and urgency since the events of 9/11 and their aftermath. Rare indeed have been the contributions which have suggested that bloody conflict is not inevitable between violent extremism in parts of the Islamic world and the West. The issue for the world is not one of Islam versus the West, but of Islam’s relationship with the West and vice versa.

This conference will invite three distinguished military figures – each with significant experience in both the Muslim and Western worlds – to make their personal contributions to the ongoing debate on the future relationship between states in the Islamic World and the West. These are:

General Anthony Zinni
General Zinni served as head of Central Command responsible for US forces in the Middle East, considered one of the most demanding positions in the US military. Since his retirement from the United States Marine Corps in 2000, General Zinni continued to serve his country as the U.S. Peace Envoy in the Middle East and as the Special Envoy to the Henri Durante Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (Indonesian conflict peace effort).

General Jehangir Karamat
General Karamat was former Chief of the Pakistani Army Staff and Chairman of the Pakistan Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, retiring from the armed forces in 1998. Since that time he has embarked on a distinguished academic career.

General Sir Michael Rose
General Rose was Commander of the UN Protection Force in Bosnia in the mid-1990s. Prior to that he led a distinguished career in the British Army, as Director Special Forces and as a commander of the 22nd SAS Regiment (1979-82).


A buffet lunch will be served at 1300; Conference opens at 1400 and will conclude at 1630.

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