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Role of Reserved Forces: Programme & Flyer


Militaries around the world are in the process of restructuring their armed forces for future warfare.  The long peace of the Cold War has been followed by a number of violent conflicts around the world.  This has given rise to more Western interventions abroad in the last decade, than during the entire previous fifty years; and the impact on reserves forces has been profound. 


Today, reserves are frequently deployed to hotspots around the world, filling key niche capacities and complementing regular forces. Reserves have proved critical in overcoming a paradox between a change from large, standing forces to smaller, expeditionary ones; and a need to undertake longer-term stabilisation missions, following high intensity combat operations. 


With their increasing deployment around the world, it is timely to have an evaluation of how reserve forces fit into overall national defence strategies.

The conference will look at:

  • The changing role of reserves in an age of military transformation
  • Priorities for reserve reform
  • The role of reserves in society
  • How to maximise the effective delivery reserve forces capability

Confirmed participants include:


  • Major General The Duke of Westminster KG, OBE, TD, DL, Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves & Cadets) 
  • Major General Antonio Taguba DCG, US Army Reserve Command & Deputy Chief, US Army Reserve 
  • Major General H. M. Petras CMM, CD, Chief of Reserves and Cadets, Canada
  • Group Captain Wayne Knight, Deputy Head Reserve Policy Division, Australia’
  • Professor Martin van Creveld, Professor of International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Group Captain Chris Markey, Deputy Director, Operations Support Policy, Directorate of Reserve Forces and Cadets, Ministry of Defence
  • Mark Andrews, Director, Defence Value for Money, National Audit Office
  • Lieutenant Colonel Patrice Fichet, France

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