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Rethinking the Role of Strategic Deterrence in British Defence Policy

Wednesday 6th July 2005

Britain’s position as a nuclear power has been fundamental to its role in the world order. In the 2003 Defence White Paper, the United Kingdom Government stated that the question of whether to replace Trident – and if so, with what – would be a matter for the next Parliament to discuss. With the General Election having now passed, the time has come for fresh debate on the utility of strategic deterrence, and its importance in British Defence Policy.

RUSI is bringing together international experts to examine the future roles and justifications for nuclear weapons. The conference will discuss critical international issues for the UK debate, including the question of relations with the United States and Europe. Examining the significance of nuclear weapons in the UK’s global political standing, the conference will look at likely threats – in terms of actual capabilities and perceived intent – from both state and non-state actors. Furthermore, the event will examine the potential implications on UK deterrence of the proliferation of nuclear technologies and other weapons of mass destruction, and how these may change the nature of the threat to the UK.

The relevance and morality of nuclear weapons, the potential implications of future programmes for arms control treaties and the possible move towards non-proliferation and disarmament will also be assessed.

Speakers include
• Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman
, Vice-Principal, Professor of War Studies, King’s College London
• Professor Michael Clarke, King's College London
• Malcolm Chalmers, Professor of International Politics, University of Bradford
• John Sloboda, Executive Director, Oxford Research Group
• Air Marshal The Lord Garden, Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Defence
• Dr. Julian Lewis MP, Conservative Shadow Defence Minister
• Richard Norton-Taylor, Security Editor, The Guardian
• Dr. Bruno Tertrais, Senior Research Fellow, Foundation for Strategic Research, Paris

The conference fee is £60.00 + VAT @ 17.5% = £70.50

If you would like register for this event please contact Mamoona Shah, Events Manager
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7747 2648

Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI)
Whitehall, London, SW1A 2ET

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