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Since the Home Secretary opened the Institute’s first CNI conference in 2007, RUSI’s Critical Infrastructure programme has played an important role in shaping  thinking in this domain. The Institute’s annual conferences have been at the heart of its work; and their growth has mirrored the rise of critical infrastructure protection in the consciousness of policy makers, practitioners and the private sector.

In the last four years, amid rapidly growing interest in the subject, the most senior officials from across government, and the most influential leaders from the private sector, have all recognised RUSI’s CNI conferences as the most important forum for public discussion of the subject.       

Critical National Infrastructure to 2015 will be the first chance to hear what the future looks like for the nation’s critical infrastructure in the wake of the May election. How do government and industry perceive the challenges in the next five years; and how are they planning to meet them? 

With the new government, and so much speculation about the future governance of our CNI, this year’s conference promises to be the most significant to date.

For the first time, this year’s conference will utilise audience keypad technology  creating a more interactive experience than ever before. RUSI’s CNI conference will be a must for anybody planning for the protection of the UK's critical infrastructure in the period ahead.

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