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RUSI and Great War

Presentations from this event can be viewed here.

This one day conference, hosted by RUSI, is part of the British Army’s series of events to mark the centenary of the First World War. The conference objective was to set the context for commemorations throughout the period of the war and provide a compelling educational opportunity – drawing the relevant lessons from a hundred years ago necessary to reflect upon contemporary military adaptation – for a broad audience of senior representatives from the military, politics, academia and the media, as well as several other nations that fought with and against the British on the Western Front.

While the conference focused on the British Army and lessons from the Western Front, it also placed the Army’s contribution within the wider international, political and strategic context, recognising that for much of the war our Army was a junior partner to the French; that other Allies and Dominions made very significant contributions; that the war was fought on the sea and in the air as well as on the land; and that understanding German thinking and actions is equally important.



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