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The United Kingdom Secretary of State for Defence, Rt Hon John Reid, has announced the publication of a Defence Industrial Strategy in December 2005. An effective strategy entails difficult choices over investment in the future and ‘appropriate sovereignty’ for a country that has prided itself in developing one of the most open of defence markets. At the heart of the matter is the premium if any that the electorate should pay on the one hand, to guarantee the availability of critical capability when there is a challenge to Britain’s independence of military action – and on the other hand to be a catalyst for jobs    

Defence Acquisition conferenceRUSI's sixth Defence Acquisition Symposium will study the UK Defence Industrial Strategy reflectively.

This Symposium will provide an opportunity for industry, government officials, other policy former and analysts to discuss the issues and consider issues of implementation and further work. We expect also to consider the approaches of other government to issues of ownership of technology, guarantee of supply and sustainment of industrial capacity. The Symposium will conclude with further consideration of issues of partnering, alliance and competition in relation to value to the armed forces and taxpayer. 

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