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The new National Security Strategy has laid emphasis on emergent threats to UK security and on theTerrorism 2011 image need to adapt the UK’s strategic and operational responses in a rapidly changing world. In the context of terrorism, recent speeches given by the heads of all the UK intelligence services and the Home Secretary identified the key threats emanating from Yemen, Somalia, dissident Irish Republicans, and from attacks on UK cyber space as the highest priority for UK National Security. The conference will investigate the nature of these threats, and the risks they pose to the UK. This conference will also examine the nature and potential impact of these threats and will proceed to outline and assess the UK’s responses to them. The conference is timed to coincide with the release of a RUSI paper examining the changing strategy of al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula and the threat it poses to the UK and the West.


Confirmed contributors:

  • Baroness Neville-Jones,
    Minister for Security and Counter-terrorism, Home Office
  • Alan Duncan MP,
    Minister of State for International Development, DfiD
  • Debbie Gupta,
    Director Prevent & RICU, Office For Security & Counter Terrorism
  • Sir Paul Lever,
    Vice President, RUSI
  • Professor Andrew Silke,
    Director Terrorism Studies, University of East London
  • Sir David Pepper KCMG,
    formerly Director GCHQ
  • David Loyn,
    BBC International Development Correspondent
  • Professor Max Taylor,
    Director CSTPV, Professor of International Relations, University of St Andrews
  • Simon Manley,
    Director for Defence and Strategic Threats, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Sally Healy OBE,
    Associate Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House
  • Ghaffar Hussain
    Director of Outreach and Training at The Quilliam Foundation
  • Sheelagh Stewart
    FCO Stabilisation Unit
  • Kirsty Hughes
    Head of Public Policy and Advocacy, Oxfam GB
  • Kevin Naidoo
    Detective Inspector - SO15 Counter Terrorism Command High Tech Unit

Session One: ‘Emerging Threats to UK Security’

This first session aims to set up the central issue of emerging threats. It is structured around the risks to the UK described in the National Security Framework, focussing, in particular on Yemen and the Horn of Africa, Dissident Irish Republicanism, and the threats posed by attacks on UK cyber space.

Session Two: ‘Countering Radical Ideology’

This session broadly focusses on the need for challenging radical ideology in the United Kingdom and preventing homegrown radicalisation. In light of proposed changes to the Prevent work stream of CONTEST, the session will focus on the nature and extent of the recent developments to Prevent, and will examine their potential for success and failure against the emerging threats identified in the first session.

Session Three: ‘Development and International Aid’

The new National Security Framework and spending reviews have laid specific emphasis on the advantages, for UK security, of providing aid to failed and failing states. Indeed, in an environment of budget cuts, the Development budget has increased to deal with the emergent threats emanating from Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan. This session focuses on the successes and failures of international aid as a method for increasing UK security, focussing particularly on Yemen and Somalia as case studies. How do UK aid funds translate to UK security, and is it money well spent?

Session Four: ‘Technology and Countering the Terrorist Threat’

This session will focus on the use of technology to counter emerging terrorist threats to UK security. Specifically focussing on the use of technology to identify threats as they emerge, the session will ask how much is understood about the role of the internet in attracting new recruits to violent Islamist causes, and in aiding security and intelligence services to counter the threat. This session examines recent technological advances and how they might be used to identify and counter emerging terrorist threats.

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