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Each component of a society plays an integral role in the provision of that nation’s security and resilience. These roles are complex and intertwined and can range from:

• A government ensuring that the threats and risks that are faced are adequately understood;

• A government ensuring that there is a nationwide mitigation strategy;

• Private sector suppliers ensuring the provision and maintenance of critical infrastructure;

• Private sector businesses ensuring their own economic prosperity by being more secure and resilient than their competitors.

This suggests that there are people throughout the public and private sectors with similar needs. Many of these needs can be met with technology, but technological development takes time and money – commodities that are in short supply in many businesses.

This conference will explore these common needs and investigate cross-sector collaboration and the concept of joint public-private security and resilience technology strategies.

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Delegates will benefit from a single event covering many of the common technological requirements across the public and private sectors. In addition they will find out how best to interact with the currently fragmented and difuse market that is homeland security and resilience.

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