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The importance of space assets to the work of military and security personnel has long been misunderstood. Australia has estimated that up to 90 per cent of all its military activities are reliant on space assets and the UK Ministry of Defence has claimed a similar dependency. Satellite communications; high resolution satellite imagery; GPS positioning for precision weapons, navigation and precision timing and weather forecasting are just some of the applications used by all levels of the military chain of command. This conference seeks to highlight the importance of space to the Security sector both in the UK and overseas. It will ask whether we need to expand the UK’s current capabilities, what the implications might be and how that might best be achieved. It will also look at threats (both natural and military) to the UK’s overall space capability and assess whether new steps should be taken to assure our access to space.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Air Vice Marshal Tim Anderson RAF, Assistant Chief of the Air Staff, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Adam Sowa, Deputy Chief Executive (Operations), European Defence Agency
  • Brigadier General John Hyten USAF, Director of Requirements, Air Force Space Command, US Air Force
  • Air Commodore Garfield Porter RAF, Director Capability, Joint Air Power Competence Centre, NATO
  • Phil Evans, Chief Government Advisor, the MET Office
  • Michael Simm, Director General’s Policy Office Security Strategy, European Space Agency
  • Colonel Francois Malo, Director Space Development, Canadian Department for National Defence
  • Group Captain Dennis Davison, Director Defence Space Coordinating Office, Department of Defence, Australia
  • Major Tom Single USAF, Space Operations, C4ISTAR Branch, Joint Air Power Competence Centre, NATO

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