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Taiwan ConferenceIn recent years Taiwan’s international status has been viewed through the prism of its cross-Strait relationship with mainland China and the issue of national recognition. Over the last year however a considerable improvement in cross-strait relations has enabled Taiwan to move beyond this narrow focus towards a broader spectrum of engagement on the world stage.

Taiwan’s leaders now hope to widen international space for manoeuvre whilst avoiding disruption of the current rapprochement with China. This opportunity has arisen at a time when an increasingly assertive China is wielding its new-found power on the international stage. This conference will seek to ascertain what ‘smart power’ options are available to Taiwan and the European role towards this end.

With a keynote address from Dr. Lyushun Shen, Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs the conference will consider the following themes:

1. Foreign Aid: European and Taiwanese experiences

2. Taiwan's International Participation in the Face of a Rising China’s  strong smart power: practical needs and political dimensions

3. Smart Power: Options for Taiwan and Europe

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