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Science and Technology for Security 2011 imageLast year's Sparking Innovation in Science and Technology conference focused on how UK Government can improve engagement with SMEs to ensure future security and resilience challenges are met.

This year's conference turns to academia, looking at the current engagement programmes in place and the main funding avenues available. Discussions will focus on emerging technologies and how they can be applied to security and, at the same time, how they must be protected from malicious use. How can research funding be best directed to projects that will have the most impact, and how can researchers find out where research is most needed?

Speakers from government, the private sector and academia will set out current security challenges and discuss the technological advances needed to meet them.

Workshop sessions will include:

Security in biomedical science - Advances in biomedical science offer many opportunities to improve safety and security, but how can the medical technology and the knowledge of how to use it, be protected from those who would seek to use it for malicious ends, without stifling knowledge transfer and academic research?

Trusted identities in cyberspace - how is trusted identity established in cyberspace? How do you determine the credentials of the person you are communicating with, and be sure they are legitimately on the network? Do we need to redefine our understanding of identity for use in the digital world?

Contextualising the insider threat - how can technology be used to detect behaviour that is only suspicious in some contexts, such as an employee seeking access to his workplace at unusual times, or ordering weaponisable materials in unusual quantities? How can such behaviour be monitored without infringing on privacy and rights?

Situational awareness through social media - networks such as Twitter and Facebook can be monitored to provide situational awareness from inside incidents and to build a Commonly Recognised Information Picture. How can new technologies enhance both the monitoring and the analysis of the information available?


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