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Russia’s Presidency of the G8 comes at a time of important developments affecting energy demand and supply scenarios for Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Significant potential and on-stream energy reserves within Russia and the CIS gives these nations significant geopolitical and economic leverage that will increasingly impact upon global energy markets.

While Russia & the CIS have made moves to invite foreign direct investment to support the development of existing and potential reserves, capital investment and competition within State dominated energy sectors are in their seminal stages and prospects remain uncertain. Central Asia sits on the fault lines of these key issues, not only as an energy transit hub of geostrategic importance, but also as region of resource-rich producer states; political risks also affect the stability of energy transits through the Caucasus and lead to volatility in the system.

This conference will convene a range of international experts on the twin subjects of energy and security in the regions of Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus in order to take stock of the integrated risks associated with the development of energy in these regions. Furthermore, it will examine how risks may best be mitigated by a variety of proactive measures by public and private sector parties.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Key Features of the Regions’ Energy Economy and the Energy Security Context
  2. Key Features of the Regions’ Security Issues and Trends in Geopolitics
  3. Linkages between Energy Security, Investment and Geopolitics: IEA perspectives
  4. Russo-European energy issues – any future for an energy charter?
  5. Cross-border energy investment issues and energy transits
  6. Russia’s energy future – risks in the CIS
  7. Russia’s relationship with the rest of Europe: the security dimension
  8. Regional Trends in Oil and Gas Theft: considerations for Pipeline Security

Speakers include:

  • Mehmet Ogutcu, Head, OECD Forum on International Investment and Regional   Programmes
  • Bruce George MP, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
  • Nue van Hulst, Director, Policy Analysis, International Energy Agency, Paris
  • Andrei Konoplyanik, Deputy Secretary General, ENCHARTER
  • Stephen Dow, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, Dundee University
  • Roger Munnings, CEO, Global Energy, and Head of Russia office, KPMG
  • Jonathan Eyal, Head of RUSI’s International Security Studies Department
  • Andrew Kain, MD, AKE Group
  • Dimitry Baszhenov, Senior Risk Partner CIS, Olive Security Group
  • Cornelia Meyer, British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce
  • Andrew Monaghan, the Russia Research Network
  • Peter Duncan, UCL School of Eastern European and Slavonic Studies

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