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Space Conference 2012As the UK continues to develop its National Space Security Policy, the RUSI Space and National Security Conference will provide an opportunity to understand society’s reliance on space services and examine mitigating strategies.

Space and cyber are emerging and contested domains of operation. The convergence of complex threats and hazards in space combined with the UK economic and national infrastructure reliance's on space services makes it critical to understand the strategic advantage space provides but also potential protection measures to ensure longevity of assets. It is also important to explore multi-national unity on the use of space and collaboration on international projects that support national interests.

The conference will address:

  • The space environment
  • Space situational awareness
  • Laws, policies and doctrines,
  • The increasing role of commercial satellites in providing services to the security sector
  • The risks and uncertainties of operating in space
  • Potential threats and hazards, including debris, solar flares and cyber security
  • The future opportunities and strategic direction of the space sector

With over fifty nations currently operating space assets this conference will discuss the key UK and international issues with a range of perspectives from the private sector, government and academics alike.

Confirmed participants include:

  • David Wade, Space Underwriter, Atrium Space Insurance Consortium
  • Mark Roberts, Atkins
  • Robert Seamen, Senior Applied Scientist, Met Office
  • Chief Superintendent Jim Hammond, Metropolitan Police Service
  • Group Captain Peter Wood, Air Force Advisor London, Australian High Commission
  • General Henry de Roquefeuil, Military Advisor, CNES
  • Professor Sa'id Mosteshar, Director, London Institute of Space Policy and Law
  • Andrew D’Uva, President, Providence Access Company
  • Christophe Venet, Research Fellow, IFRI

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Quintana, Senior Research Fellow, Air Power and Technology, at, or Adam Smith, Research Analyst, Military Sciences, at

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