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The conference will launch RUSI’s Modern Deterrence programme, which will run over the next four years with the aim of better defining the concept. In recent months, the notion of Modern Deterrence has been gaining attention among many governments. Though Modern Deterrence has not yet been clearly defined, it recognises the need to move on from a focus of deterrence by military punishment to more nuanced strategies of deterrence by resilience. A key aspect in this Modern Deterrence is the interconnected nature of modern societies. Potential adversaries who seek to undermine our states and societies have recognised these vulnerabilities, as demonstrated in recent months. Any effective strategy of modern deterrence thus has to consider ways of enhancing the resilience of broader society, while of course also focusing on military defence.

Though the identities of our adversaries may change, the threats will not – instead, they are likely to grow further. The programme will have a global approach, identifying and learning from the experiences gained so far by governments, businesses, societies and individuals.


  • Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho (co-founder, and Doteveryone), House of Lords
  • Roeland Baan, CEO, Outokumpu
  • Lord Robertson of Port Ellen (former NATO Secretary-General and Defence Secretary), House of Lords
  • Eric Schuh, Global Head P&C Solutions, Swiss Re
  • Janis Garisons, State Secretary, Latvian Ministry of Defence
  • Mads Ecklon, Head of Department, Danish Ministry of Defence, in charge of total defence (emergency management and Home Guard)
  • Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom, House of Lords
  • Lord Harris of Haringey, House of Lords
  • Indrek Sirp, DireDirector of the National Security and Defence Coordination of the Estonian Government Office
  • Dr Mark Dickinson, President, Space Data Association
  • Jonathan Kewley, Partner, Clifford Chance
  • Tommy Åkesson, Secretary-General, Swedish Defence Commission
  • Azita Raji, Investor, philanthropist, former banker and former US ambassador to Sweden
  • Dr Antti Sillanpää, Finnish Ministry of Defence official covering election interference, information influence and preparedness
  • Carol Monaghan MP, SNP Spokesperson for Armed Forces and Veterans
  • Joseph C. Sternberg, Wall Street Journal
  • General Richard Barrons KCB CBE, former commander, Joint Forces Command
  • Elisabeth Braw, Associate Fellow, Modern Deterrence, RUSI
  • Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director-General, RUSI
  • Professor Peter Roberts, Director, Military Sciences, RUSI



Photo: EU/ECHO/Jack Taylor 

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