RUSI Latin American Security Conference 2023

Continental Geopolitics in a Changing World

calendarclock - (GMT)
locationOnline / Institute of Directors, London


RUSI launches its Latin American Security Conference, designed as the UK’s leading forum to discuss the region’s most pressing security challenges. The conference brings together policymakers, key experts and academics from the Americas and Europe to consider how national and continental challenges are shaping Latin America’s security and defence agenda.

The event will focus on UK–Latin America security relations, great power competition, strategic thinking across military and intelligence domains, and cross-border security and counter-criminal cooperation.


The panels will address the following key questions:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges for the security relationships between the UK and the countries of Latin America?
  • How will the region adapt to the intense superpower competition between the US and the transatlantic community, on one side, and Russia, China and regional powers (including Iran), on the other?
  • How can Latin American states combat more effectively transnational organised crime and the root causes of illegal markets?
  • What model of peaceful development best responds to the security and governance concerns across Latin America?
  • Which current security missions and deployments best suit Latin American armed forces, police and intelligence bodies?


Speakers to be announced.

How to attend

To take part, you must pre-register no later than 26 January 2023 using the ‘Register Now’ button. If you have registered for an online place, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. If you have any questions please contact Sabrina Downey, Events Director, on

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