RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2015

The British Army is evolving – adapting to both domestic realities and emerging threats – but its unique role remains constant, delivering strategic land power projection to enhance national security, deter or contain potential threats, and support diplomacy

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The Land Warfare Conference, held annually on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff, brings together representatives from across the armed forces, government, academia and industry, as well as international allies and partners, with the aim of promoting professional debate on the issues that matter to the land forces community.


In order to fulfil this role the Army must continually strive to operate smarter, modernise structures and maximise its talent. In reflection of these challenges the conference will address: 

News Ways of Warfare?: Consideration of those, reportedly novel, features in the contemporary operating environment, emerging from the maturing information age and a period of constant competition with multiple conflicts and military activities short of war.

Persistent Engagement: Approaches, both historical and contemporary, for deriving maximum benefit to Defence and the nation from a pro-active global network and enhanced integration with all levers of state power.

Applying Land Power: Application of the new capstone doctrine to achieve ‘information manoeuvre’ through integrated command at the divisional level, 77th Brigade capabilities and interoperability with Other Government Departments, allies and partners.

Promoting Talent and Leadership: Recruiting and retaining talent through modernised career structures, institutional culture and the ‘brains-based’ approach, as well as the Army Command Review and redefinition of the General Staff.

Future Capabilities and Structures: The development of a medium-weight force for reach and dominance, exploiting Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities, in conjunction with enhanced Communication and Information Systems.

Maximising Operational Capability: Defining future requirements and partnering with industry, to realise an Enterprise Approach for optimising capabilities.

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