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View First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope give Keynote Speech at RUSI Future Maritime Conference 2012


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RUSI’s Future Maritime Operations Conference is one of the Institute’s flagship events and, since its inception in 2004, has become a permanent fixture and a major milestone in the international maritime conference calendar. In the last few years, both the profile of the conference and the quality of its content has grown stronger each year. With two Ministerial speakers and four major overseas navies leading the debate, the 2011 conference was regarded by many of the participants as the most effective event to date.

With this success in mind, RUSI has worked quickly to kick-start the 2012 event to ensure that this success can be built on once again. Moreover, with maritime issues returning to the forefront of political thinking, the RUSI Future Maritime Operations Conference 2012 will present a significant opportunity to discuss the importance of the use of the sea in supporting national and international economic, defence, foreign and wider security policy requirements.


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