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The aim of this event is to bring together a strong gathering of people who have a real interest in the key defence industrial issues that are active today.  This event will be a short, sharp look at four specific areas of interest to the defence community, and will be an opportunity for industry representatives, either from the floor or from the platform, to express their views about some of these important subjects.  For each of the four issues, the key questions that will be vigorously debated are: what is the current system?  Is it working for everybody?  What future direction is/can be taken to make it work better? 

The four subjects chosen for this year’s Symposium are:

1.     Modernising Defence: Beyond the Defence Industrial Policy

2.     Managing the Equipment and Short Term Plans

3.     Defence Logistics

4.     Defence Acquisition

Lieutenant General Rob Fulton, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Equipment Capability) will be opening the debate in an address that will look to the future, beyond the Defence Industrial Policy.  Thereafter the debate will be taken up by senior representatives from across the spectrum of defence and organizations that link into it, including industry, the Ministry of Defence, the Treasury, the Defence Logistics Organisation, the National Audit Office and academia.  We are also delighted to have with us four distinguished chairmen, one for each debate: The Honourable Nicholas Soames MP, The Right Honourable Bruce George MP, Mr Paul Beaver and Mr Peter Spiegal.

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