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In May 2007, President Musharraf stated that Indo-Pakistan relations had made unprecedented and reasonable progress. He stressed the need for conflict resolution in the Kashmir dispute over which both sides had fought three wars and multiple skirmishes. One year since Musharraf made these comments, Pakistan has experienced considerable political upheaval, with few obvious signs of an impending resolution of the Kashmir dispute.

This seminar will aim to assess current relations between the two countries and to evaluate whether the twin track approach of confidence building measures and conflict resolution is achievable in Kashmir. A panel of well-known regional experts will identify likely timescales for future progress and the nature of any final resolution to the conflict. In particular, the discussion will explore the potential pitfalls which may cause peace talks on Kashmir to be derailed and factors which impede the process of permanent change in Indo-Pakistan relations.

This is a joint Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and Public Policy Research Organisation (PPRO) event.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • The Rt Hon Paul Rowan MP
  • Brian Cloughley, South Asian Affairs Analyst
  • RUSImotif
    Dr Ram Puniyani, Secretary: All India Secular Forum
  • Prof. Nazir Ahmed Shawl, Executive Director: Justice Foundation
  • Dr Pervaiz Cheema, Islamabad Policy Research Institute

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