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Ensuring resilience is an increasingly complex imperative as threats diversify and interact with each other. Organised together with Loughborough University, this conference will explore key resilience issues through the relationship between the physical assets that need to be protected, the increasingly international threats to these assets, and the channels through which the threats and defences against them might operate.

The conference will focus on the following themes:

  • Securing Resilience – introducing the evolving concepts of resilience from key stakeholders.
  • The Resilience Landscape - focusing on current-midterm future changes in land use and the resilience opportunities and threats this introduces.
  • Environmental Resilience – looking at the environmental factors that might challenge the resilience of land utilisation, including how climate adaptation can be embraced to ensure opportunities are maximised.
  • Research Methodological Approaches – exploring how academia and the policy community can better approach research questions and develop methodology that investigates these questions and delivers answers and recommendations within a policy-appropriate timeframe.
  • Cyber Resilience for Assets and Infrastructure - looking at the link between the cyber and the physical, assessing the impact of cyber threats on the resilience of physical assets and infrastructure.
  • Resilient Identities - focusing on how demographics and identities influence and affect resilience.
  • Future Scenarios - taking a longer-term view of resilience, looking at future trends.

Ticket Prices (excluding VAT*):

Standard rate - £400  (excl. VAT)

Corporate rate - £320 (excl. VAT)

Military / Government / Academic - £250 (excl. VAT)

Students - £50  (excl. VAT)

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*Prices on the registration page are including VAT.

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