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RUSImotifResolving the underlying causes of conflict is a pre-requisite to ensure sustainable development and to reduce the likelihood of violence reoccurring in Africa’s post-conflict societies. There is, however, no simple formula or template for establishing security and balancing the often divisive prerogatives of justice and reconciliation. What is certain is that without dialogue about past tensions and their impact on present and future developments, there is an enhanced probability of a return to conflict. As Africa becomes increasingly prominent in the global economy, the need to move beyond conflict is particularly acute. This conference discusses ways in which this can be done.

The causes of Africa's conflicts are complex, and the question of judicial accountability for perpetrators of human rights abuses remains controversial, particularly when it intersects the issues of national reconciliation and sustainable security. For the continent, this question is a fundamental post-conflict dilemma that presents both challenges and opportunities. Many African societies have used indigenous methods, often with outstanding success, to overcome such complexities; and since the formation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 2002, there is now a global template, which has its share of supporters and critics, to address post-conflict security, justice and reconciliation in Africa.

Ahead of the forthcoming AU–EU Summit and Commonwealth Heads of Government scheduled meeting, this conference on post-conflict societies will discuss case studies from Africa and the ICC, addressing what lessons can be gleaned from the past and also to discuss ways of approaching current and future challenges in Africa, and the wider world.

This conference is in partnership with the Centre for Foreign Policy Analysis.

Speakers include:

  • Patrick Mazimhaka
    Deputy Chairman, African Union Commission
  • Dr Caroline Ziemke
    Institute for Defence Analyses, Washington
  • Rakiya Omaar
    Director, Africa Rights, Kigali
  • Professor Stephen Chan
    Dean of Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, SOAS, London
  • Dr John Laughland
    Editor, Geopolitical Affairs
  • Geoffrey Mugumya
    Director, Peace and Security, African Union Commission
  • Dr Akua KuenyehiaVice President, ICC


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